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Diploma Kausalkomplexe « Marc Nonnenmacher

Diploma Kausalkomplexe



Diploma Kausalkomplexe

The causal complexes gives us an insight in a usually hidden World. They portray our capitalism and the corporations operating in this system with their deceptive practices and their wide-reaching influence on the politics, states, environment and individuel humans. Their prime principle is profit, so ists a matter of conjecture how far they go therefore. The information clusters explain us how our economy works, and how it effects on induviduel humans or even whole states. They illustrate how it happens that legislations are passed on corporation interests, and why whole states are enslaved or plunged into ruin.





The Project consists of huge information clusters that make relationships between the viewer and international political issues through ordinary items, so that the viewer is directly involved in the project. The measures of the Banner are 1,50m height and 4-6m width. The frontside of the double-sided Banner shows an ordinary item, which is addes with a provocative statement. On the back side of the banner spreads out huge constructs, that proves us for example relationships between a handy and the war in the Congo in Africa. Causal Complexes shows us a other side of the globalization and our economy, which are based on war, exploitation and the destruction of the environment.




Every  information is connected according to the principles of causal chains. Every link conform the rules of cause and effect. In other words every effect of a cause, will be a new cause of another effect. For example: A Corporation screw down the prices of his external suppliers. The effect will be that the hourly wage of the staff will be cut down. This is the cause of the effect that they have to do massively overtime, which has effects on their physical health and so on. Causal chains can grow very long, and reach far over our estimation. With this method, we can explain why there are child soldiers, how a t-shirt is connceted with the pharmaceutical industry, or why development aid of the Worldbank is just a method of enslaving, to ensure access to raw materials.












Causal Complexes shows us the excesses of an unbounded globalization und makes our insane economy through unusual but daily examples clearly understandable.


Kausalkomplex Handy (zoombare Version)


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