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Masterthesis Causal Timelines « Marc Nonnenmacher

Masterthesis Causal Timelines


Masterthesis Causal Timelines –

Interactive information architecture for global politics and current events

The aim of this work is to explain certain topics as the uncontrollable financial industry or new forms of imperialism in an innovative and understandable way. Dynamic hybrids consisting of causal chains and timelines explain these topics. They show developments from the past to the present and present several possible scenarios for the future, including preferable scenarios, e.g. a visionary model of an economic system. The interface is a real cord with which the virtual cord of the timeline can be navigated through a 3D-room from the past to the future.




Dynamic interface

The intuitive interface let the user control the virtual cord in every direction through the 3D-Space. The individuell developed interface is a cord with a retraction device. The cord is up to 8 meters long and is extended with several sensors to track the input of the user.  The dynamic Informationclusters reacts on every movement of the real cord. So the user can push or pull himself through the informations from the past to the present, and even into the future.




Methods of explaining komplex informations

The Causal Timelines are Hybrids consisting of causal chains and timelines. So the informations follows the time-wise chronologic of a timeline, and the powerful explaination potential of a causal chain which is generating massiv comprehension of the conception of  causal relations. With this method current events can be explained from the scratch. Every current development has a cause and a effect. For example the massive financial bubbles has their origin 40 years ago, after the economic boom in Germany, as the politics tried to regain the economic success after the second worldwar, giving the financial industry more and more power by easing their restrictions and developing a modern finance system, shifting the power over the society from the politics to the financial industry. So every nowadays development is a komplex chain of events. With this method the project explains developments in our economic system, the financial industrie, our monetary system, new forms of imperialism, politics, ressources and energy.





The chronologic reaches from the past to the present, and gives a outlook of possible developments. So its not only tool for documenting and explaining facts, its also a tool to discuss possible upcoming events. It analyzes possible upcoming complications and gives a exit strategy, to discuss ideas and solutions for our society.





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